About Us

As surfers, we believe a sustainable future is worth fighting for.


The way that we see it, that future can only happen when two principles are active:

  1. Share the abundant resources we already have
  2. Foster an vibrant, personal love affairs with the natural world


simpl.surf is a vehicle to bring these principles to the surf culture where sharing already exists as an informal practice.

Our goal is to make it simpl.




Our Team


We are surfers with 20+ years of experience across startup strategy and product development.



Our Values



We believe everyone should have access to the elements.

For this reason, we work in pursuit of scale and economy. Scale so that wherever you go, there’s a home for both you and your board. Economy so that money does not become a barrier between you and the great oceans.



We believe a rising tide lifts all boats.

For this reason, we’re transparent and consistent with our revenue share. Our model relies of profit-sharing to make sure that the majority of every dollar the business earns goes right to those making it possible.



We believe integrity is the bedrock of relationship.

For this reason, we ensure that our platform is built to optimize trust. Renters leave public reviews for Hosts, Renter profiles are visible to Hosts and all Hosts have verified insurance. Each of these decisions, and more, facilitate a baseline of integrity for relationships to blossom.

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