simpl.surf helps beach-side homeowners turn their unused yard or storage space into passive income. We’re talking $10k / year and up.


How It Works:



We accept applications for home-owners with properties within a 10-minute walking distance to popular surfing breaks.



Install Lockers

simpl.surf provides the materials and installation of our secure board storage lockers, no upfront payment needed.*



Get Paid

Post a listing and get paid for surfers to access your new lockers. You set your fee and decide if and when you add more locker units. Our payment guarantee for new Hosts is the reason we’re selective with who to invite.


Get Started

Complete this brief form and our team will get back to you promptly.



*Hosts can acquire lockers at no upfront cost by electing to pay the cost of the locker through revenue earned from rentals.

This is similar to the solar panel model, where solar panels are installed at no down payment. The cost is then paid off as the solar panels produce excess energy that is sold to a power grid.

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