Rental Insurance Policy

Simpl.Surf offers a $5 insurance policy to help protect you in case of damage or total loss to a rental surfboard. This helps mitigate the financial burden the renter incurs in case of damage or total loss. The Surfboard value will always be disclosed before the rental reservation is made.


Damage & total loss coverage

With simpl.surf insurance:
– Toal Loss: Renter is responsible for 50% of surfboard value.
– Damage: Covers the repair cost for all minor dings.


What is covered

Simpl.surf insurance covers any damage due to regular use.

This includes, but is not limited to:

– Collisions with other surfboards while surfing
– Snapped board due to the wave or hitting the ground
– Snapped Leashes
– Damage related to snapped leashes

Simpl.Surf insurance does not cover:

– Lost board due to negligence (leaving the board unattended)
– Damage due to negligence (leaning the board against non-secure places)


Reporting damage or theft

After a rental has been completed you will be prompted to fill out the return form so that we know the board has been returned and if there is any damage that needs to be addressed.


Surfboard ding repair cost/damage charge

Medium to large dings (4-6”) – Covered

Large dings (6”+) – Covered


Renter Protection Program

simpl.surf will not provide coverage under our Rental Protection Program for damage that occurs during transportation as opposed to during use. Examples include but are not limited to the surfboard being damaged while attached to a car rack, while being carried or while being transported in a truck or van. In this event, the Renter will be responsible for any damages. Furthermore, simpl.surf will not provide coverage for damage caused by disassembly, modification, or installation of accessories or bags.


Need to file a claim?

Please file any damage, theft, or loss claims by [filling out this form](https://simplsurf.typeform.com/to/RcayYW). If you have any further questions please contact us at hello@simplsurf.com

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